Individual Therapy

When individuals lose an understanding of self and of who they are it can lead to a disturbed mental state leading to an unhappy life. Nibbana works with individuals to help them find and rediscover themselves and their happiness.

Nibbana Helps Individual with

  • Managing mood swings, anxiety, depression, alcoholism, substance abuse etc
  • Finding meaning in life and being able to build meaningful relationships
  • Learning the art of saying "no" and being comfortable inside
  • Eating disorders/ Personality disorder
  • Addictions
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Obsessive compulsive disorders
  • Psychosomatic disorders
  • Manage anxiety and stress
  • Overcoming public speaking fear
  • Depression/ Anxieties/ Phobias
  • Overcoming unhealthy/ unproductive habits, addictions/ lack of motivation etc

People Speak

  • I no longer feel the anxiety I used to feel! In fact I'm excited! I look forward to every new day.
  • It's amazing how I've been able to transform my depression into something that I draw strength from. I've been able to achieve so much.
  • I've learned so much about myself and my emotions. I've learned what causes my mood swings and have learned to manage them. My days are so much better now.
  • I never understood the true meaning of a counselling session. I always thought it meant that you were unwell! I never thought that it could be used for arriving at decisions which are impossible to arrive at without the loving guidance of an interested professional.

Connect with us

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Call : +91-98410 73211

Give us a call or drop into our office for a one to one chat or schedule an appointment.
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What to Expect

Sessions for each client are designed and are as unique as the issue/goals the clients have come to the therapist for.
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