Welcome to Nibbana

At Nibbana, we believe that everyone has the ability, the required healthy resources to think and solve problems and to follow a natural rhythm of life and be happy. This rhythm can sometimes be lost due to various stressors resulting in unproductive coping behavior. We work with couples, families, groups and individuals and help them rediscover this natural rhythm bringing them one step closer to a happier life.

Nibbana is a place for individuals and families to clear their mind and speak with professionals in a safe, confidential and relaxed environment that is focused on resolving problems and attaining solutions that will help them transform their outlook on life, experience the rhythm of life and empower them.

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Individual Therapy

Nibbana works with individuals to help them find themselves and rediscover themselves and their happiness.

Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy is for helping couples build a fulfilling and meaningful relationship.

Family Therapy

We help families overcome difficulties and hurdles in relationships and help them reconnect with each other.