Family Therapy

At Nibbana we aim at transforming a dysfunctional family system to a functional family system through counselling sessions with family members. We help families overcome difficulties and hurdles in relationships and help them reconnect with each other. Families learn healthier ways to communicate with each other.

Dysfunctionality In Families

Dysfunctionality in families is characterized by lack of empathy, understanding and sensitivity towards certain family members. Often characterized by denial, inadequate or missing boundaries for self and a disrespect of other's boundaries, dysfunctional families see extremes of conflict and unequal or unfair treatment of one or more family members. Also common are child parent role reversals, enmeshed relationships and closed family systems.

Nibbana can help out families in the following ways

  • A professional support in understanding the systemic perspective of the family system
  • Our counsellors help bridge communication gaps between parents and children
  • We believe in forming family and relationship goals, and work with families to achieve them
  • Parents experience a feeling of sadness and grief when children leave their homes. We help managing the empty nest syndrome.
  • Managing co-dependences in families of alcoholics, substance abusers
  • Understanding dynamics of family of origin and the shadow they cast on current relationships
  • Recognize unhealthy / unproductive patterns in communication which affect family bonding
  • Learning to get needs met without having to manipulate each other

People Speak

  • For the first time, I feel that my parents understand me and who I am. It has changed my life.
  • I used to hide who I truly was. And I used to lie all the time. Now my parents accept me for who I am. (12 year old)
  • I always thought I needed to bring up my children the way my farther brought me up. I've realized that I do not have to behave the same way with my children.
  • I can treat my children as they deserve to be treated. Like a friend. (Father of a 20 year old)
  • My son has always been rebellious! Counselling has given me a new perspective. It's wonderful to see that I can channel that into something creative and positive. (Mother of a 8 year old)

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What to Expect

Sessions for each client are designed and are as unique as the issue/goals the clients have come to the therapist for.
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