What to Expect

Sessions for each client are designed and are as unique as the issue/goals the clients have come to the therapist to address.

While some people reach their goals fairly quickly and without much discomfort, others need more time and feel more stress through the process. The experience of each individual is impossible to predict as each person has their own unique strengths and problems.

Sessions are normally structured for a therapeutic hour (60 minutes). The frequency of the sessions can be weekly / bi weekly or any other frequency depending upon the context of the therapy. Sessions can be in person with the therapist, through skype or through telephone depending on the mutually convenient agreement between the therapist and the client.

Although some clients elect to pursue long-term in depth treatment, many issues can be resolved within 12-24 sessions. Of course, the success of any treatment depends on the motivation, willingness and dedication of the person being treated. Clients are expected to pay for services in advance, at the rate and number of sessions agreed upon with the therapist.

Therapeutic sessions are entirely voluntary, and the client has the right to terminate treatment at any time. In all cases therapy never includes sexual contact or conduct between therapist and client.

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Individual therapy

When individuals lose an understanding of self and of who they are it can lead to a disturbed mental state leading to an unhappy life.
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