What is Dealt in Therapy
Individual/ Couples/ Family Therapy

A number of issues are dealt in therapy. Some of these are listed below:

  • Learning emotional intelligence to improve interpersonal relationships
  • Learning problem solving skills
  • Improving marital relationships
  • Achieving financial success
  • Improving performance at work
  • Improve communication skills and
    enrich relationships
  • Changing maladaptive behaviours
  • Changing unhealthy habits
  • Overcoming shame/guilt
  • Support groups to help people handle day to day stress
  • Handling low self esteem and building confidence
  • Breaking the patterns of difficulty in making or sustaining relationships, or repeatedly becoming involved in destructive relationships
  • Learning to terms with losses such as bereavement, divorce or loss of employment and re-building relationships after traumatic events
  • Coping with the effects of violence, sexual or emotional abuse in the family

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What to Expect

Sessions for each client are designed and are as unique as the issue/goals the clients have come to the therapist for.
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