Couples Therapy

Couples can seek counselling at various stages in their relationship. Our counsellors and experts work with couples and help them overcome and reconcile various differences through therapy session and help them build a fulfilling and meaningful relationship.

Typically Couples Therapy is a service for

  • Couples who are starting life together and are experiencing barriers in bonding
  • Couples who are on the verge of or are contemplating divorce
  • Couples who want to find new meaning in their relationships and want to build a healing and passionate relationship
  • Couples who experience too much of outside interference in their relationship
  • Couples who want to convert a social marriage into a conscious working relationship

People Speak

  • During therapy, I managed to see my wife for who she is, without any of my past influences and realized that I have always loved her. I saw her for who she is. I'm so happy I didn't go for divorce.
  • Therapy has changed the way in which my husband and I communicate. My fights with my husband have changed into an opportunity to understand what each other has to say and it clearly strengthens our relationship.
  • We were constantly disagreeing with each other and couldn't figure out what went wrong. After therapy we have learned to celebrate our differences! We love each other's company!
  • Learning the art of listening. That's one of the biggest things I've learned in therapy. It's made me into a better person and a better husband. I now hear and listen to what my wife has to say. I know I can listen and yet disagree without feeling angry.

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What to Expect

Sessions for each client are designed and are as unique as the issue/goals the clients have come to the therapist for.
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