Demystifying Sexuality – A two day workshop

Are you a parent or a teacher who face the dilemma of how to answer your child’s questions about sexuality? Learn how to clarify & guide your children on the sensitive topic of sexuality.

A two day workshop for parents, teachers & counsellors on unraveling the myths, mysteries & questions around human sexuality.
* Date: 24th & 25th June 2016. Place: Chennai. For registrations, contact: +91 98402 91089 / 98410 73211
Clarify unanswered questions on human sexuality. Why, when & how to clarify and guide children on their questions about sex.

Welcome to the journey of integrating sexuality and personality towards a meaningful life.

What is it about :
Understanding Human Sexuality for a clearer perception about self and self in relationships.

What will the participants learn :
1) What is human sexuality? The reason children /adults need to be educated about Human sexuality.
2) Talking to children about sex- What , when and How?
3) Changes at Adolescence in Boys and girls menstruation cycle. PMS i.e Pre Menstrual Syndrome / Menopuase
4) Hormones, sexual behaviour, good hygiene for Boys and Girls. How to make children cautious and aware of sexual abuse, prevent date rape etc. facts and preventive measures. HIV/ AIDS and STDs i.e Sexually Transmitted Diseases. Law and Sexual Behaviour
5) The need & information required for Pre-marital counselling.

Participants Take away :
1) The two day workshop will include theory, group learning sessions and an opportunity to clarify one’s assumptions and presumptions on sexuality.
2) Adults will learn to handle the fear & anxiety of children as they step into the threshold of adolescence.
3) Participants will have opportunities to witness counselling on handling sexuality related issues.

About Ms Jyoti Kurade :
After a successful stint of 26 years as a Banker, Jyoti Kurade is now a Social Worker and a Counsellor. She has completed her Masters in psychology from the University of Mumbai. She has completed courses on Hypnosis and Sex Education and counselling. She regularly teaches value education in schools and holds workshops on personality development for children belonging economically backward society in Mumbai & Goa under the platform of P N Singh Foundation. Her passion is to build a society where children from all sections can lead a safe, and purposeful life using their potential to the fullest. She lives in Mumbai and travels widely gathering knowledge which she can pass on to the children she interacts with.
This two day workshop is the crystallisation of her years of working in the area of spreading awareness about sex education.

About Geethan:
Mr A Geethan is the Director of Nibbana Counselling & Psychotherapy centre, is a psychotherapist and focuses on individuals, couples and family therapy. Along with Jyoti Kurade, A Geethan Psychotherapist will facilitate group and counselling sessions. Geethan also holds a Masters is Psychology from the University of Madras and has been a practicising therapist for over a decade. He regularly holds public workshop and courses on becoming a professional counsellor/psychotherapist. It is Geethan’s belief that many issues fester & weaken in relationships because of non or lack of information.

This workshop organised by Nibbana Centre for Psychotherapy & Counselling with Jyoti Kurade is a step in demystifying the topic of sexuality that is the core identity of being & becoming a man or woman.

What is the relevance :
We all grew up with a lot of unanswered questions about sexuality. The rights & wrongs, the dos and don’ts surrounding our questions increased our confusion. It was safer then to push these questions under the carpet. Feelings of shame & guilt is often get associated with natural sexual needs. More than ever before, children today are curious and get flooded with incomplete information on this subject. The two day workshop is about getting answers to the questions that one could not ask when growing up. It is also about gaining the skill to answer children and educate them about this vital & valuable dimension about becoming a man or a woman.

Who is it for:
Parents, Teachers, Counsellors and any adult interested in learning more about this subject.

* Date: 24th & 25th June 2016. Place: Chennai. For registrations, contact: +91 98402 91089 / 98410 73211

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