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When taking on a coaching assignment,  it is important to explore and understand certain basic criteria ………………… (more…)

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Geethan on Thanthi TV

Viewers questions answered by Psychotherapist Geethan on TV (more…)

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Queries answered in EDEX by A Geethan – Part 2

Dear Geethan sir,

I’m very much interested in your articles provided to us through Edex. I’m a B.Tech graduate. I’m continuously in search to improve myself in different ways, be it music, general awareness, GK, my English, way to handle situations, etc.  I read a lot of self help books too, never feeling content about myself.  I frequently feel overwhelmed with the tasks I continuously keeping adding on to my todo list, unable to act on it. Could you please provide your suggestions on how to overcome this? Even now, I feel less confident about the grammar I’ve used in this mail to you. (more…)

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Honesty in Kids

As a therapist, I meet many children in my clinic. The children tell me things that they do not want their  parents to know. Their narrative includes experiences like,  “I did not go to my school today, I threw my medicine down the flush, I fell down from my cycle and hurt my head, I drink or smoke, I am sexually abused, I tried to commit suicide since I felt worthless”. All these children had one common request to me, “Please don’t tell this to my parents”…… (more…)

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Is your dream goal a flash light? Fire? or light house?

One of the common queries the readers of EDEX have been asking me is  how to deal with oneself when a person is unable to achieve their dream…… (more…)

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In making change

It’s the time of the year when resolutions made in the New Year are being implemented, results tested and the journey towards the set goal has begun. (more…)

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Facing uncertainties

There are always situations of uncertainties in life. At such moments we  experience a confused present and a hazy future ; some people may feel they are at cross roads, finding no direction in life.  Some people even come to a conclusion that they won’t be able to get what they want in life and take extreme steps. How to face such moments in life?……. (more…)

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Letting go

Letting go is one of the important quality we need to develop to live with the flow of life. Many times we hold on to past incidents or experiences and struggle through our life. Letting go does not mean getting away from past painful experiences only,  it is also letting go of some good experiences and memories. …… (more…)

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Suicide – An  alarming  word in  our world among individuals, families and society. However we often hear  news about individuals or whole families committing suicide…….Read More (more…)

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A young couple came for counselling with the wife showing symptoms of depression. The husband was to leave abroad soon for two years and the couple seemed happy at this change in their life situation. Even though it was their dream come true, yet the wife appeared depressed. How is it that an expected happy change could make a person depressed……. (more…)

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